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Cloud Standards Customer Council launched

OMG has announced the formation of the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC), an end user advocacy group dedicated to accelerating cloud's successful adoption, and drilling down into the standards, security and interoperability issues surrounding the transition to the cloud.

More than 45 of the world's leading organizations have joined the CSCC.

The Cloud Standards Customer Council aims to capture best practices and take cloud standards forward. It will complement existing cloud standards efforts and establish a core set of client-driven requirements to ensure cloud users will have the same freedom of choice, flexibility, and openness they have with traditional IT environments.

The CSCC will also work to lower the barriers for widespread adoption of cloud computing by helping to prioritize key interoperability issues such as cloud management, reference architecture, hybrid clouds, as well as security and compliance issues.

Membership is free for qualified end-user organizations. The membership application is available at http://www.cloud-council.org/application Vendors may join as sponsors.

•Date: 8th April 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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