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How to measure IT resilience

A new report from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) looks at the measurement of IT resilience.

Entitled ’The Main Challenges and Recommendations on Network and Service Resilience Metrics,’ the report shows that:

- There are very few existing frameworks and none are globally acceptable;
- There are no standard practices as different organizations use different sets of baseline metrics and frameworks; and
- It is difficult to combine or aggregate diverse frameworks in a high-level assessment.

The key consensus recommendations are that there is a need to:

- create a common understanding and standard of resilience metrics;
- undertake further research on open issues in resilience metrics;
- develop tools and software to automate the deployment of resilience measurements;
- collect and analyse data;
- promote good practices and information sharing; and
- deploy a conservative approach to introducing metrics.

More details and read the report.

•Date: 29th March 2011 • Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article •Topic: IT continuity

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