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Council of the European Union agrees to pan-Europe nuclear plant stress-tests

In a meeting in Brussels on 21st March the Council of the European Union agreed to conduct a series of coordinated stress-tests of Europe’s nuclear power plants.

The Hungarian Presidency convened the meeting, to discuss the implications of the events in Japan and North Africa, for energy markets; and to align the related EU and Member State actions.

The stress-tests, described by the Council as ‘a comprehensive danger and safety evaluation,’ are expected to include a seismic analysis at nuclear plants, to find out the likelihood of a possible earthquake and its potential effects. The tests will also survey the level of protection against floods or unexpected events, such as terrorist attacks. In addition the type and age of nuclear plants, and the technical parameters of their cooling systems will be evaluated.

•Date: 23rd March 2011 • Region: Various •Type: Article •Topic: Testing

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