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UK Cabinet Office develops guide to resiliency

The Cabinet Office has developed a new information document for critical infrastructure owners, which provides advice on resiliency planning.

‘Keeping the Country Running: Natural Hazards and Infrastructure’ includes a section on business continuity management, which is positioned as an aspect of a wider resiliency strategy.

The guide is currently in a consultation period, which will close on 6th May 2011.

According to a summary in the ‘Keeping the Country Running: Natural Hazards and Infrastructure,’ the guide provides:

- Guidance on natural hazards to enable organizations to identify risks and assess resilience of their business operations;
- Information to assist with a common understanding of resilience, the components for building resilience, and standards of resilience;
- Information on the Lead Government Departments (LGDs) work to produce Sector Resilience Plans (SRPs) that assess the vulnerability and report the level of resilience of the most critical infrastructure to Ministers;
- Guidance on how business continuity management can be used to ensure continuity of essential services and embed resilience within an organization to create ‘organizational resilience’ in the face of all kinds of risks of disruption;
- Guidance for the economic regulated sectors to consider in terms of how they may be able to support building resilience in their infrastructure networks and systems; and
- Guidance to encourage and support sharing of information on critical infrastructure, to help organizations understand the dependencies between networks and systems, and to plan for the consequences of disruption of essential services within emergency response plans.

The overall aim of the document is to assist infrastructure owners and operators to “produce an organizational resilience strategy that:
fully integrates the resilience of critical infrastructure to natural hazards and other threats and hazards; is risk based incorporating, where appropriate, the components of resistance, redundancy, reliability, response and recovery; is developed / reviewed with stakeholders (including supply chain partners, customers and emergency responders) to strengthen the collective resilience of the supply chain; encapsulates business continuity plans that aim to either meet the requirements of, or incorporate elements of the British Business Continuity
Standard, BS 25999; and is designed, implemented and reviewed at Board Level and embedded in corporate governance processes.”

Read the consultation document and respond.

•Date: 22nd March 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article •Topic: BC general

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