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UK Internet traffic routing creates resiliency risks

The current pattern of Internet traffic routing in the UK lacks resiliency, warns the Onyx Group.

Currently approximately ninety per cent of all UK Internet protocol traffic is routed through London, with the whole of Northern England dependent on two telecommunications routes which run from the capital up the East and West of the country.

At a time when cyber threats are high and during a period of growing dependency on Internet-based services, increased resilience and diversity is vital to ensure that businesses can maintain Internet communications in the event of a system failure or an attack on the capital or the telecoms network.

To help address the problem Onyx has just acquired a new data centre in North Yorkshire. The new facility will provide users with a possible alternative Internet traffic route, via a subsea optic cable, offering a safeguard against connectivity loss.

Neil Stephenson, CEO of Onyx said: “With technology developing rapidly and cyber-crime being realised as a real threat, Internet traffic is increasingly becoming vulnerable. In today’s economy, loss of Internet connectivity means loss of business, productivity, and potentially loss of clients. Businesses must be aware of the impact of connectivity loss and put in place adequate plans to avoid this. Our new data centre not only provides a storage facility for customers to back up their data off site, but also offers alternative Internet connection options – the whole package.”


•Date: 8th March 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article •Topic: IT continuity

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