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Review of disaster recovery and business continuity plan activations reveals common failures

Janco Associates has just completed a review of 253 disaster recovery and business continuity plan activations and classified the shortcomings of those plans.

The most common issue, occurring in 62 percent of all recovery plans were errors in the plans. This often was due to the plan not being kept up to date (47 percent), the unavailability or inaccurate passwords (34 percent), and failure of the initial restoration process (13 percent).

Additional reasons for failures were: insufficient backup power - 22 percent; communications not in place - 18 percent; personnel not adequately trained - 17 percent; system recovery priorities not identified - 14 percent; recovery processes not sufficiently documented - 13 percent; and disruption event not identified quickly enough and activation was late - 12 percent.

Janco also found the there was a significant failure of the restoration process which did not function as expected. Most of those shortcomings were classified in one of the other categories.

The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said: "We found that only 47 percent of the plans were completely successful. Even though none of the activations reviewed resulted in a complete failure, we found that there were a number of shortcomings that could be corrected."

Janulaitis added: “We were surprised to see a number SMB companies have moved their backup processes to the cloud. We feel this is a positive step; however we still believe that some physical media needs to be retained.”


•Date: 4th March 2011 • Region: US/World •Type: Article •Topic: BC statistics

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