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London Assembly committee discusses future flood risk

A meeting of the London Assembly’s Environment Committee took place on Thursday 3rd February to discuss future flood risk in the capital.

Questions explored included:

- What is the potential impact of the Government’s spending review on measures to protect properties at risk of flooding in London?

- What role should the Mayor play in helping manage flood risks in the capital?

It is estimated that around 100,000 properties in London are at risk from river flooding and up to 680,000 at risk from surface water flooding. London is at risk of flooding from five sources: tidal, river, surface water, sewer and groundwater. Yesterday’s meeting focused on surface water and river flooding.

The following people attended the meeting:
* Peter Quarmby, Thames Flood Risk Manager, Environment Agency
* David Wardle, Head of London Group, Environment Agency.

Watch a recorded webcast of the meeting.

•Date: 4th Feb 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article •Topic: BC general

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