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North America

Public apathy in the path of preparedness
FEMA News Photo: Photo by Eilis Maynard - Jan 27, 2015 Responses to winter storm Juno seem to show that you cannot please the public when it comes to preparedness. In this article Geary Sikich asks whether business continuity and emergency planners are missing something when it comes to communicating preparedness with the public. >> Read more
If you doubted that information security was a business continuity issue consider a four letter word: Sony
The Sony attack shows how important it is for business continuity managers to get involved in information security.
Five ways to boost the impact of your business continuity presentations
Need to update your executive committee about BCM? Are you comfortable that you know what to do and how to effectively articulate the value of BCM to the organization?

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Strategies for protecting SQL Server in the cloud
SQL Server is a business critical application that requires high availability protection, regardless of where it is deployed. However, traditional solutions may not be practical or even possible in the cloud.

Information security: why we should talk about incident response
There is a frequent bias in the industry towards focusing on the ‘cool’ exploit and detection side of cyber-defense, rather than the more operational response and mitigation side. This article by Proofpoint considers the other side of the equation, looking at incident response and outlining four steps to success in this area.

Now is the time to create a Windows Server 2003 migration plan
Five reasons why doing nothing could spell disaster.

Two potentially devastating events for business continuity managers to ponder
The Ebola outbreak shows how esoteric threats shelved in the ‘it will never happen’ folder can erupt to cause major disruption.

The top ten business continuity and disaster recovery trends
Dr. Steven Goldman identifies ten business continuity and disaster recovery trends that are emerging, highlighting actions that business continuity managers can take in response to each item.

Civil unrest: important lessons for protecting lives and businesses
Actions that property owning organizations can take to better protect facilities, tenants and employees from civil unrest.

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How to bullet-proof your incident response plans
Ted Julian describes five steps that will help ensure that your incident response plans work when they are required.

BC statistics and research

Survey finds increasing demand for disaster recovery solutions amongst US small and medium sized businesses

The Seventh Annual State of Resilience Report

IT disaster recovery under the spotlight

Final survey results: How important are paper-based business continuity plans?
business continuity plans A recent Continuity Central survey has found that while the majority of business continuity professionals believe that paper based business continuity plans are essential, a significant number say that they are not important.

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It is all about survivability
business continuity thinking According to Geary Sikich it is time for a paradigm shift in business continuity thinking, in the manner that business continuity planning is taught and in the value we think that we bring to the table.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery lessons from the response to Hurricane Sandy
Source: NASA This article looks at how SunGard Availability Services managed 342 alerts and 117 disaster declarations related to Hurricane Sandy and what business continuity and disaster recovery lessons were learned as a result.

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