Given the significant risk that quantum computing poses to existing encryption methods, the Government of Canada has announced new investment in finding future solutions for cyber resilience in a quantum era.

Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Marco Mendicino, has announced that Quantum-Safe Canada will receive $675,000 for a project called ‘Laying the Foundations for a Quantum-Safe Canada’, which raises awareness and preparedness of the quantum threat. This funding is made available under the Cyber Security Cooperation Program.

The project will help strengthen Canada’s ability to prepare for and respond to the quantum threat; coordinating research, technology, tools and training. The project will also ensure that those charged with protecting the systems that Canadians rely on have the knowledge and skills they will need.

Quantum-Safe Canada is a not-for-profit organization established to ‘drive efforts to prepare for and respond to the quantum threat to encryption and cyber security, and to grasp the opportunities that exist in properly managing that threat’.