Cyber trends report finds that nearly one-third of US mid-sized organizations have no formal incident response plan in place

Published: Tuesday, 12 July 2022 07:39

Egnyte has released its Cybersecurity Trends for Mid-Sized Organizations Report, a mid-year update to its Data Governance Trends Report. The study – based on a survey of 400 US C-level executives conducted by Wakefield Research – examines key trends in cyber insurance, cyber security hygiene, ransomware detection, user access management, and more.

The number of nation-state and data exfiltration-based cyber attacks continues to increase, which has emphasized the need for organizations to reexamine their cyber security preparedness. According to the report, incident response plans are not prevalent enough, with only 64 percent of mid-sized companies having a formal incident response plan in place.

The report also identifies the following key trends:

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