Cyber security in 2021: four predictions for how the threat landscape will develop

Published: Tuesday, 24 November 2020 09:42

Despite the clear and present danger that the COVID-19 pandemic presents, most organizations are aware that cyber threats are a top long term issue that needs to be addressed. In this article Avesta Hojjati looks at four cyber threat areas that will develop in 2021.

Prediction: social engineered attacks will get more complex

According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report for 2020, social engineering is a top attack vector for hackers, and I expect threat actors to leverage current events to unprecedented levels using new and increasingly sophisticated approaches. Examples for early 2021 include:

Prediction: the ‘New Normal’ will be under attack

I predict that individuals and businesses alike will adjust to a new normal sometime in 2021. This new normal will result in an increase of travel, a reduction in unemployment, and a transition for workers to return to the office, leading to threat actors’ attacks on the following:

Prediction: 2021 will bring increased focus on automation and efficiency solutions in the security market

Prediction: staying safe online

Identity and consumer accountability of their permissions and controls over their data will lead to a new interest in how to stay safe online and with connected devices. Concerns over contact tracing and other government invasions of personal privacy will lead to a new desire by the public for ways to identify organizations with which they connect online and for better assurances of the security of the connected devices in their everyday lives, including connected cars, homes, buildings, websites, emails, etc.

The author

Avesta Hojjati, Head of R&D at DigiCert.