Enterprises that halted IT cloud migrations due to the pandemic had more outages than those that continued

Published: Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:22

Enterprises that halted their cloud migration journey during the current global pandemic are two and a half times more likely than those that continued their move to the cloud to have experienced IT outages that negatively impacted their SLAs. This is according to Virtana’s latest survey report ‘The Current State of Hybrid Cloud and IT’.

Virtana conducted this peer-driven survey to assess the current experiences of IT infrastructure decision-makers across the US and UK. The survey found that more than half of businesses (52 percent) said the new economic climate has exposed a lack of access to the correct IT tools to run efficiently, while 47 percent said it has highlighted a lack of visibility into their IT systems overall, and more than a third (34 percent) said the pandemic has contributed to missed outages in key IT performance.         

The report highlights how the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed IT operations and the impact remote-working practices have had on businesses. More than 75 percent of respondents said that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) will be key to supporting their remote working practices. The current environment requires a transformative approach to IT and IT-to-business interaction, and the move to hybrid cloud is a central part of that equation.

“IT leaders across the globe are facing a unique challenge right now. The global pandemic has resulted in a monumental increase in IT workloads and has forced IT decision-makers to make changes to their operations overnight. It has arguably accelerated the need for digital transformation,” said Ron Sege, CEO, Virtana.

Other key findings from the research included: