New study: patchwork approach to cyber security making life difficult for organizations

Published: Friday, 15 May 2020 11:32

The third-annual Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020 has found that a patchwork approach to data security, misconfigured services, and confusion around new cloud security models has created a crisis of confidence that will only be fixed by organizations making security part of the culture of their business.

The study of 750 cyber security and IT professionals across the globe found that:

IT professionals are using a patchwork of different cyber security products to try and address data security concerns, but face an uphill battle as these systems are seldom configured correctly:

The most common types of misconfigurations are:

Organizations are moving more business-critical workloads to the cloud than ever before, but growing cloud consumption has created new blind spots as IT teams and cloud service providers work to understand their individual responsibilities in securing data. This confusion has left IT security teams scrambling to address a growing threat landscape:

The survey report says that to address increasing data security concerns and trust issues, cloud service providers and IT teams need to work together to build a security-first culture. This includes hiring, training, and retaining skilled IT security professionals, and constantly improving processes and technologies to mitigate threats in an increasingly expanding digital world:

More details (PDF).