Only 4 in 10 tech professionals confident in security of their organizations’ AI deployments: ISACA research

Published: Tuesday, 25 September 2018 08:58

Despite heightened interest in enterprise deployment of artificial intelligence, only 40 percent of respondents to ISACA’s second annual Digital Transformation Barometer express confidence that their organizations can accurately assess the security of systems based on AI and machine learning. This is particularly concerning given the potential for serious consequences from maliciously trained AI.

“Enterprises must make the needed investments in well-trained staffs capable of putting AI safeguards in place,” said Rob Clyde, CISM, NACD Board Leadership Fellow and ISACA Board Chair. “As AI evolves it will become imperative that enterprises can provide assurance that the AI will not take action that puts people in harm’s way.”

The Digital Transformation Barometer also showed that for emerging technologies such as AI, having digitally literate leaders correlates to lower perceived risks:

For enterprises going hands-on with emerging technologies, the perceived benefits of deploying these technologies seem clear. 76 percent of enterprises testing AI said that it was worth the risk, with just 9 percent saying that it was not worth the risk. In enterprises that are not testing AI, the confidence in AI being worth the risk drops by a third, while the proportion of respondents saying it is not worth the risk more than doubles.

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