Organizations say regular storage capacity shortage is biggest issue when managing backups

Published: Wednesday, 15 March 2017 08:30

An independent survey commissioned by Cohesity has revealed that 73 percent of IT decision-makers in the UK and Germany regard the regular need for additional storage capacity as their greatest challenge when it comes to managing their backups. The results of the poll, carried out in January by Vanson Bourne, highlight how unprecedented data growth, fragmented backup silos, increased complexity in managing numerous applications and a lack of adequate management tools and forward planning, are taking their toll on data centre performance.

Such high response (broken down as 69 percent in Germany and 76 percent in the UK) suggests that adding backup capacity is difficult, and complicated by the interplay between servers, backup software and target storage devices. Furthermore, as the number of applications continues to increase and the multitude of data storage platforms used concurrently in the modern enterprise continues to grow, IT managers face considerable challenges to ensure data is backed-up but not needlessly duplicated. Siloed secondary data spread across the data centre implies that storage capacity in which businesses have invested is not used optimally, as the same data is often stored repeatedly across these silos.

The results of the survey also highlight that half of IT decision-makers in both the UK and Germany find that managing their backups is too administration-heavy.  When it comes to traditional data management solutions, there are numerous independent components, workflows and hardware, and so administrators are compelled to spend far too much of their time managing these various elements.

More than two in five respondents (43 percent) indicated the wish for backup products to be more easily scalable: this lack of flexibility is a major challenge, suggesting that organizations are struggling with wasted capacity and/or with the need for their backup solutions’ ability to grow with the businesses.

Survey responses: What are your organization's biggest pain points when it comes to managing backups?

When analysing the survey findings across vertical sectors such as business and professional services, financial services, IT, retail, distribution & transport, manufacturing, and other commercial sectors, there was little variation apart from decision-makers in the IT sector. Just one quarter of respondents in the IT industry indicated that backups administration is a major challenge, compared with an average of 53 percent across other sectors, corroborating the assertion that organisations that do not have IT at the core of their operations struggle with their data backups.