One in three targeted cyberattacks results in a security breach: Accenture Survey

Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016 14:16

A new security survey from Accenture has found that, in the past twelve months, roughly one in three targeted cyber attacks resulted in an actual security breach, which equates to two to three effective attacks per month for the average company. Still, a majority of security executives (75 percent) surveyed are confident in their ability to protect their enterprises from cyberattacks.

For the survey report ‘Building Confidence: Facing the Cybersecurity Conundrum,’ Accenture surveyed 2,000 enterprise security practitioners representing companies with annual revenues of $1 billion or more in 15 countries about their perceptions of cyber risks, the effectiveness of current security efforts and the adequacy of existing investments. The survey reveals that the length of time taken to detect security breaches often compounds the problem, as more than half of executives (51 percent) disclose that it takes months to detect sophisticated breaches, and as many as a third of all successful breaches are not discovered at all by the security team.

Other key findings included:

Getting smarter about security spending

Recent high-profile cyberattacks have driven significant increases in cybersecurity awareness and spending. Yet, the sentiment among those surveyed suggests organizations will continue to pursue the same countermeasures instead of investing in new and different security controls to mitigate threats. 

Key country highlights from the report include:

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