Resilience First releases updated Guide for Non-Executive Directors on Operational Resilience

Published: Friday, 15 July 2022 08:45

Resilience First, in partnership with Pool Re, has published the second edition of its Guide for Non-Executive Directors on Operational Resilience. This latest edition is a practical resource, providing key challenges and principles with useful case studies, offering the vision and foresight necessary for better decision-making.

The Non-Executive Directors on Operational Resilience features new chapters on: Diversity and inclusion, ESG, and Cyber security and Terrorism. It delivers information to assist with Board discussions on operational resilience broken down into People, Place, Preparation, Process and Performance.

Commenting on the release, Simon Collins, Chair of Board, Resilience First said:

"Non-Exec Directors support executives in businesses and other organizations through their experience, insights, challenge and counsel. Recent events, including the pandemic, inflationary pressures, and labour shortages, have all shown the importance of planning business resilience. This guide provides Non-Exec Directors with tools, anecdotes and food for thought to help them be effective in ensuring that businesses are truly resilient."

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