New World Economic Forum paper looks at supply chain resilience

Published: Friday, 21 January 2022 08:50

‘Charting the Course for Global Value Chain Resilience’, a new white paper from the World Economic Forum, says companies need to develop new supply chain resilience approaches and capabilities if they are to navigate the current and future disruptions.

‘As the adage says, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to the current state of global value chains, weakness is evident everywhere upstream and downstream’ says the report.

‘From shortages of key materials, extended order backlogs and constrained distribution capacity to labour shortages, the functioning of even the most carefully designed supply chains is being challenged’ it continues.

To assist companies navigate a way forward the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Kearney, has been working with a community of more than 400 manufacturing and supply chain leaders. Charting the Course for Global Value Chain Resilience captures some of the lessons learned from this activity, describing ‘five distinct profiles of resilience leadership in order to help companies confidently chart a course forward with focus and action’.

Additionally, to help organizations build and implement new resilience efforts and roadmaps, a series of strategy playbooks are presented which ‘outline the set of actionable strategies employed by leaders within each resilience profile to fortify their value chain’.

Read the paper (PDF).