Worldwide Business Resilience Readiness survey identifies a damaging ‘perception gap’

Published: Tuesday, 06 August 2019 07:20

Zerto has published the findings of its sponsored IDC survey, the Worldwide Business Resilience Readiness Thought Leadership Survey. The subsequent report revealed that 91 percent of respondents have experienced a tech-related disruption in the past two years and yet 82 percent of respondents said data protection and recovery are important to their digital transformation projects.

The survey illustrates a perception gap between IT and business decision makers regarding the importance of data availability and success of digital transformation/IT transformation initiatives. More than 80 percent of respondents indicated that senior management does not believe there is a high correlation between the quality/availability of data and organizational success.

Other key findings included:

Optimizing resilience planning, the report says, plays an important role in minimizing the financial burden and negative impact of IT-related business disruption. These types of disruptions, the research details, are costing organizations significantly:

The white paper concludes that because most respondents have not optimized their IT resilience strategy, cloud and transformation initiatives are at risk of delay or failure.

Research methodology

IDC Research surveyed 500 senior-level IT and business managers representing over 10 unique industries and companies of all sizes and geographies about the challenges to achieve IT resiliency and its importance to digital transformation.

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