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DRI publishes 2019 resilience predictions report

DRI International’s Future Vision Committee has published its 4th Annual Predictions Report, which makes predictions for developments and events that may impact organizations in the year ahead.

Entitled ‘Resilience predictions for the profession by the profession’ the report covers cyber threats, extreme weather, business changes, geopolitical issues, and other areas relevant to organizational resilience.

The report makes ten specific predictions:

  • A large-scale state sponsored cyber attack on the Critical National Infrastructure of a G8 country, initially attributed to Russia or China.
  • A coordinated cyber and physical disruption to the supply of telecom components made in Asia causes chaos in the global cell phone market.
  • Terrorism will make a significant return to western targets with the remnants of ISIS and a revitalised Taliban competing for control. At least one coordinated attack on a large US city and several lone wolf attacks in others can be expected.
  • Plastic waste in the oceans and air pollution stoke public anger about sustainability issues. There will be international pressure on India and China to reduce coal-fired power station building programs. Much talk and little action.
  • Leading European car manufacturer stops development of gasoline and diesel cars to concentrate on electric vehicles.
  • Major flooding on US East Coast leads to severe Boston-Washington Corridor business disruption.
  • A US financial downturn triggered by selling of over-valued tech stocks – combined with reduced growth in China and Brexit generated chaos in Europe - leads to a global financial crisis.
  • In the Middle East, regional conflict will continue with no lasting solution to the Yemen civil war and power struggles over the future political and economic management of post-war Syria. Turkey will become the major player as relations with Saudi deteriorate and Kurdish pressure for independence increases.
  • Political upheaval in Brazil, economic problems in Argentina, and a migration crisis in Venezuela leave severe unrest and economic problems  across Latin America.
  • China expands its domination of the South China Sea amid protests from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Heated debates at the United Nations, but no action taken against China.

Read the report (registration required).

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