Delinea has announced new features and enhancements to further expand the capabilities of its Secret Server solution. In addition to new design updates based on customer feedback, the company have introduced new controls for better cyber resilience and disaster recovery.

The latest release of Secret Server includes enhancements to existing disaster recovery capabilities by providing organizations with automated redundancy to ensure ‘break-glass access’ in the unlikely case of infrastructure failure. Whether customers deploy Secret Server on-premises or in the cloud, they now have the flexibility to automatically replicate data either to another on-premises or cloud instance to ensure resilience. Cloud infrastructure enhancements provide seamless failover, faster disaster recovery, and hybrid failover.

Delinea is also introducing a new Remote Access Service add-on for Secret Server. This new capability provides VPN-less browser-based RDP/SSH session management for contractors and remote employees. In addition to the current session management capabilities of Secret Server, Remote Access Service improves ease of use and reduces friction by requiring no end-user client or VPN connection to better support the various environments and systems used by an extended workforce. Remote Access Service works with Secret Server on-premises and in the cloud.