Nebulon combined server and storage solution for ‘four-minute ransomware recovery’

Published: Wednesday, 30 March 2022 07:59

Nebulon has unveiled Nebulon TimeJump, a solution architected to address key ransomware mitigation challenges. The company says that Nebulon TimeJump is ‘the first and only combined server and storage solution architected to offer complete ransomware recovery in less than four minutes’.

Nebulon TimeJump provides restore capabilities not only for critical application data but also infected operating systems, so application infrastructure can be brought back online near-instantly.

With Nebulon’s ‘smartInfrastructure’ all critical enterprise data services, such as erasure coding, encryption and snapshots, are enabled by Nebulon’s PCIe-based services processing unit (SPU). The SPU connects to the server’s internal solid-state disks (SSDs) and operates in a separate security domain from the server’s CPU, memory, network, and operating system. Isolated compute and storage security domains prevent ransomware from infecting the data protection software that enables reliable recovery of the operating system and application data.

Beyond rapid ransomware recovery and an architected security domain within the server, Nebulon further immunizes the infrastructure against the persistent threat of cyber criminals. Nebulon ON, the company’s cloud control plane, employs end-to-end hardware-based cryptographic authentication, and all communications are protected by always-on, end-to-end encryption.