RNT brings enterprise-class ransomware protection to sub-100 TB marketplaces

Published: Thursday, 24 March 2022 11:37

Server and storage solution provider RNT has announced two new series of plug and play storage appliances that provide full enterprise-grade ransomware protection to organizations with data capacities of 2-100TB. Powered by Cloudian HyperStore object storage software, these new single node series of the Yowie appliance family feature data immutability for on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, preventing cybercriminals from encrypting data and enabling quick recovery in the event of a ransomware attack without paying a ransom.

With this solution SME customers can benefit from a ‘cluster in a box’ that provides cloud-like capabilities and the richest feature set for data durability and protection. But the new Yowie appliances are more than just drives with a RAID controller. Incorporating Cloudian’s award-winning S3 Object Lock technology, the appliances prevent encryption or deletion of objects for the duration of a user-defined retention period. Immutable S3 objects are protected by configuring WORM and retention attributes at the object or bucket level.