iland introduces Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service with Veeam Cloud Connect

Published: Thursday, 03 December 2015 09:16

iland has announced a new fast path from cloud-based backups to full disaster recovery-as-a-service using Veeam Cloud Connect technology.

The December release of Veeam Availability Suite v9 provides Veeam customers the ability to easily configure, test, and fail over to one of iland’s eight cloud locations around the world.

“Earlier this year, Veeam introduced cloud-based backup with Veeam Cloud Connect. iland was a launch partner for this new technology, and in the ensuing months, hundreds of customers have engaged with iland to support their need for off-site storage of their VMware and Hyper-V VM backups,” said Justin Giardina, chief technology officer, iland. “Now, Veeam is extending this technology to make it possible to execute a complete or partial fail-over into the cloud, and again, iland is at the front of the line, supporting this capability globally.”

In order to simplify the adoption of this new technology, iland is releasing the service with a single line-item price, based strictly on the amount of storage required – and no hidden fees.

“Veeam’s replication technology makes it easy for organizations to gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing their businesses are protected by a full DRaaS solution,” said Lilac Schoenbeck, vice president of product marketing and management, iland. “However many other cloud service providers ruin that simplicity by overwhelming customers with complex pricing schemas or poorly executed customer support. iland is dedicated to making everything from pricing to support easy for the customer, and our commitment to a single line-item with no hidden fees sets us apart.”

The Veeam technology enables iland customers to mix and match backup and disaster recovery, choosing how to protect each VM in their environment. It also supports:

The extension to the iland cloud is easy to configure within the Veeam Availability Suite v9 console.