Zerto launches Automated Failover Testing Pack

Published: Wednesday, 02 December 2015 09:07

Zerto has announced that it has achieved gold partnership status with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The first deliverable out of the partnership is the Zerto Automated Failover Testing Pack. This is the first of several packs which will simplify business continuity and disaster recovery automation using HPE Operations Orchestration (HPE OO) as the master orchestrator.

The new automation failover testing capabilities for HPE OO increases IT data center / centre time savings, while improving overall disaster recovery testing compliance. While Zerto Automated Failover Testing Pack automatically runs failover tests in full virtual machine environments, other automated processes eliminate the need to cross check multi-department failover success thereby increasing efficiency and productivity for IT teams.

Traditionally, multiple departments and numerous resources needed to be coordinated to complete disaster recovery testing. But as IT changes to be more Hybrid and adopts new style of IT management, it requires more and more automation, comes the need to continuously test and guarantee uptime. With Zerto Automated Failover Testing Pack, users now simply schedule the failover test in HPE OO. The test runs autonomously and sends a report showing it was a successful test. Failover tests can now run nightly versus annually, providing unprecedented compliance coverage for customers operating in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. The failover integration is built on Zerto Virtual Replication, the award-winning technology transforming business continuity and disaster recovery in virtualized environments, allowing greater flexibility, control and cost savings when managing mission-critical applications.