New Attack Surface Management service from RiskXchange provides cyber risk management intelligence

Published: Tuesday, 22 February 2022 09:41

Cyber security provider RiskXchange has introduced a new AI-assisted Attack Surface Management service to help companies reduce their cyber risks on the Internet.

To help companies reduce the risk of ransomware attacks, the Attack Surface Management service allows organizations of all sizes to reduce their cyber risk by monitoring, tracking, and mitigating potential cyber security risks across their external attack surface 24 hours a day. 

The Attack Surface Management service continuously checks the company's digital assets and gives it complete visibility into everything it owns. It also provides a clean and concise risk score along with technical details. These include IP addresses, domains, certificates, port services, including security vulnerability details. 

The service also helps companies discover if someone may be discussing their organization on the dark web, detect potential cybersquatting impersonation risks, and leaked corporate credentials that can make it easy for threat actors to take over corporate accounts. 

RiskXchange refreshes its data every 24 hours and gathers its intelligence from a wide range of both open public and private data sources to ensure the safety of sensitive and organizations data around the clock. 

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