StarLeaf launches enterprise digital communications failover service for business continuity and incident response

Published: Monday, 11 October 2021 15:23

Many businesses now depend on digital communication and collaboration services and, with these now deeply embedded in every kind of business process and industry, maintaining continuity of digital communications has become business critical.

To meet the developing needs of business in this area, StarLeaf, the global provider of secure digital communications and collaboration services, has announced the availability of StarLeaf Standby, claimed to be the world’s first dedicated collaboration failover service for business continuity and incident response. 

StarLeaf Standby provides: 

Mark Richer, Chief Executive Officer, StarLeaf, says:“When a crisis strikes and failover is required, one of the scarcest resources is time – time to get operational again, time to get back to productivity, and time to respond. With StarLeaf Standby, a business can activate a comprehensive suite of collaboration and communication services in an instant, with just a single click. Meetings, messaging and calling can all continue with minimal disruption, be it for a handful of users or an entire organization, enabling digitally-dependent businesses to quickly recover from disruptive events and return to business as usual.”

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