Qumulo launches Recover Q ransomware business continuity and DR solutions

Published: Thursday, 23 September 2021 07:54

Qumulo has announced the launch of Qumulo Recover Q, a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that bolsters existing strategies to help guard against and react to ransomware threats.

The new solution helps customers minimize the attack surface threat actors target and leverages disaster recovery  on-premises or in the cloud to quickly resume operations. A core component of Recover Q is a new low-cost cloud disaster recovery-as-a-service capability. This solution allows customers to replicate data and snapshots offsite, providing an added layer of defense / defence and near-instant failover capability in the event of a disaster. In addition, with Recover Q, customers can eliminate redundant data centers / centres to drive down capital costs.

“Data is among one of the most valuable assets to any organization, creating greater incentives to would-be attackers who are getting more sophisticated with their techniques. To prevent ransomware attacks, a comprehensive strategy to detect and defend against such invasions is paramount,” said Ben Gitenstein, Vice President of Product at Qumulo. “Recover Q provides our customers a radically simple solution to add an additional layer of strategic defense that helps mitigate attacks and provides the ability to seamlessly recover if one occurs.”

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