Hornetsecurity launches ‘industry first’ all-in-one security and backup solution for Microsoft 365

Published: Tuesday, 14 September 2021 08:39

Hornetsecurity has launched 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup, claimed to be an industry-first solution covering all aspects of email and data security and protection for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365’s default protection is not enough says Hornetsecurity: its built-in email filters let threats through, making it necessary to acquire additional security for data and email communications.

To address this, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup offers a wide array of high-performance email security and management features including:

65 Total Protection Enterprise Backup also enables automatic backup and recovery of an organization’s Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as backing up the data in users’ Windows-based endpoints such as laptops or Windows workstations.

"With 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup, we have created a comprehensive cloud security bundle that includes everything needed to protect email and data in Microsoft 365. The solution not only provides our customers with holistic security, but also greatly reduces the workload for IT administrators, as all features can be controlled and managed centrally from an intuitive interface. We want to save our customers from having to find their way through a jungle full of security tools and show how simple and reliable email and data security can be," said Daniel Hofmann, CEO of Hornetsecurity.

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