WatchKeeper launches a new unified situational awareness platform

Published: Wednesday, 17 March 2021 10:19

WatchKeeper has announced the launch of a new unified situational awareness platform for security teams and risk managers who monitor and respond to physical security threats at scale.

At the core of WatchKeeper’s platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate an organisation’s disparate internal data or systems, alongside real-time natural disasters and other feeds on a single intuitive mapping display. Clients are alerted in real-time to adverse events which are in close proximity to their organization’s assets, employees or critical business functions. This data-driven approach allows security teams to have access to all the critical information they need to proactively manage risk before, during and after a catastrophic event.

WatchKeeper is an essential tool for security teams that need to filter the noise of world events to those that matter for their organization and rapidly respond to incidents. WatchKeeper’s platform identifies relevant security incidents out of two million data points a month and provides integrated functionality to facilitate coordinated action and response. Aimed at increasing efficiency and return on investment for security teams, WatchKeeper offers a highly agile product for any sized security team. WatchKeeper’s flexibly tailored platform built with modern and scalable technology also makes it a uniquely cost-effective solution for a range of security budgets.