Iron Mountain opens backup tape vault in Taiwan

Published: Friday, 03 July 2015 08:05

Iron Mountain has opened a new facility in Taiwan for offsite tape vaulting, providing a secure and cost-effective option for storing and protecting backup and archival data. The facility, located in Hsinchu, is the company’s first-ever in Taiwan and its first service offering in the market.

With the rise in popularity of Taiwan as a location for data centers / centres, the need for secure data storage has grown, as global companies look for ways to ensure their information remains protected and available.

“Many of our global clients have seen their Taiwan operations grow robustly over the past few years and have asked us to establish a presence there to serve them,” said Peter Hwang, managing director for Greater China and vice president of Business Development for Iron Mountain. “Opening this facility and vault to provide offsite tape vaulting lets us support those customers while also positioning us to help the growing data center market in Taiwan. And it gives us an important foothold in the market for when we’re ready to expand our product and service offerings.”