StorageCraft launches ShadowXafe ‘next generation data protection solution for total business continuity’ for smaller businesses 

Published: Tuesday, 21 August 2018 08:21

StorageCraft’s new ShadowXafe is an advanced next-generation data-protection solution that offers ‘total business continuity’ according to the company.

Designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses, ShadowXafe is simple to deploy, easy to manage and reliable even under the most demanding circumstances. It ensures SLA-driven data protection and delivers powerful recovery for physical and virtual machines.

Tightly integrated with StorageCraft’s cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), ShadowXafe provides business continuity and orchestrated recovery with a single click.

"As data grows and infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, SMBs are faced with the challenge of protecting data cost-effectively and recovering it quickly. These objectives have been unachievable until today. ShadowXafe combines reliable recovery, scalability and total business continuity with ease of use and affordability," explained Shridar Subramanian, vice president of product management and marketing at StorageCraft.