Everbridge launches Visual Command Center Version 6

Published: Friday, 29 September 2017 08:46

Everbridge, Inc., has announced the launch of Visual Command Center (VCC) version 6, a command center / centre platform for risk visualization. The latest version of VCC now delivers team-based alerting to help multiple groups within an organization gain and harness a common operating picture to more effectively manage critical events that threaten employee safety and business operations.

Visual Command Center is the visualization and orchestration component of Everbridge’s Critical Event Management platform that helps organizations aggregate risk data and drive a coordinated response. The solution serves as the backbone for the command centers of some of the largest organizations in the world, dynamically displaying threat intelligence and data related to business operations, continuity, security and the supply chain.

“The latest release of Visual Command Center plays a critical role in helping global organizations take more control of their operational risk events by improving visibility, response and coordination,” said Imad Mouline, CTO and GM, Critical Event Management, Everbridge. “With the new team-based functionality, multiple groups within an organization, ranging from security to supply chain to operations, can all use VCC as a single source for managing operational risk in order to improve resolution, and reduce costs and business disruptions.”

By bringing together the information and tools needed for operational risk management, and providing real-time access to the organization’s threat intelligence from any web-enabled device, Visual Command Center helps organizations minimize the impact of risk events on employees, assets, the supply chain and ultimately the brand. With the launch of version 6, multiple teams or groups within the organization can now leverage VCC for discrete functions like executive protection, physical security and even supply chain, all from a unified and common operating picture.

Additional enhancements to the latest version of Visual Command Center include: