FERMA survey explores risk managers’ contributions to COVID-19 response and resilience

Published: Thursday, 03 December 2020 08:59

European risk managers have helped maintain the continuity of their organizations during the pandemic crisis. They have participated in task forces and crisis units, promoted communication, supported new working practices, pursued insurance recoveries where possible, and begun work on recovery,  according to survey results published by FERMA.

FERMA’s COVID-19 survey, ‘Risk Management, Recovery and Resilience’, is the first Europe-wide look at risk and insurance management during COVID-19. The survey was carried out among FERMA’s 22 member associations between 28th September and 21st October 2020. Replies were received from 314 respondents in 21 countries.

The responses are a snapshot of risks managers’ perspectives in the middle of the pandemic crisis. They also provide a quantitative contribution to the policy discussion taking place at EU and national levels on resilience to pandemic and other large catastrophe events.

Key finding include:

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