Many organizations failing to effectively manage remote working: creating risks

Published: Tuesday, 15 September 2020 08:05

A global survey conducted by Wrike, has found that six months since the wide-spread adoption of remote working began, many workers are still unsure as to what their employer expects of them. This lack of clarity opens organizations up to cyber risks and results in reduced productivity. Broken down by country 49 percent of US respondents and 47 percent of UK respondents report they do not clearly understand what is expected as they work remotely.

More positively, the survey found that 86 percent of US, 89 percent of UK, and 90 percent of Australian respondents report they have been briefed on their company’s future state of business and understand the overall plan to survive the economic toll of the pandemic.

Wrike says that remote employees are not receiving the proper amount of communications, and therefore do not fully understand what is expected of them. With employees not in the physical office, businesses need to find new ways to communicate with staff, making sure they are still setting expectations and being transparent.

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