Exploring digital twin technology as a way of managing supply chain risks and resilience

Published: Wednesday, 03 June 2020 08:36

A new paper in the Production Planning & Control journal explores how a digital supply chain twin could be utilized to improve the management of supply chain risks and resilience.

The paper ‘A digital supply chain twin for managing the disruption risks and resilience in the era of Industry 4.0’ shows a use-case for the emerging technology of digital twins.

Abstract (verbatim)

We theorize a notion of a digital supply chain (SC) twin – a computerized model that represents network states for any given moment in real time. We explore the conditions surrounding the design and implementation of the digital twins when managing disruption risks in SCs. The combination of model-based and data-driven approaches allows uncovering the interrelations of risk data, disruption modeling, and performance assessment. The SC shocks and adaptations amid the COVID-19 pandemic along with post-pandemic recoveries provide indisputable evidences for the urgent needs of digital twins for mapping supply networks and ensuring visibility. The results of this study contribute to the research and practice of SC risk management by enhancing predictive and reactive decisions to utilize the advantages of SC visualization, historical disruption data analysis, and real-time disruption data and ensure end-to-end visibility and business continuity in global companies.

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