Riskonnect announces the acquisition of Castellan Solutions

Published: Friday, 08 July 2022 12:18

Following its acquisition of Sword GRC in March, Riskonnect has announced that is has now acquired Castellan Solutions. The acquisition furthers Riskonnect’s vision of ‘bringing all aspects of risk under one roof’ by ‘seamlessly incorporating business continuity and operational resilience capabilities into its platform’.

“Castellan’s emphasis on business continuity and resilience is a natural fit with Riskonnect’s goal of giving customers complete visibility into risk exposure and transforming the way they manage and respond to risk,” said Jim Wetekamp, Riskonnect’s CEO. “The addition of Castellan’s deep expertise and innovative software and services will enable Riskonnect to deliver unmatched value to our customers, expand our consulting and managed service offerings, and continue to grow globally.”

Castellan serves more than 750 customers in over 30 countries and has 130 employees. The acquisition accelerates the growth objectives of both companies by delivering more risk and compliance offerings to Castellan customers. Riskonnect customers will have access to Castellan’s business continuity and operational resilience solutions.

Riskonnect’s acquisition of Castellan follows three other strategic purchases in the past two and a half years. Riskonnect’s acquisitions of XactiumICIX, and Sword GRC have expanded the company’s expertise across risk management, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and environmental, social, and governance (ESG).

For more information, visit www.riskonnect.com and www.castellanbc.com.