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What did Continuity Central readers find most interesting during 2021? Out of more than a thousand pieces of content published, here are the top twenty feature articles...

#1 Cyber security is in denial, that's why it needs the Lean Six Sigma approach
If most businesses were honest, they would admit that they don’t have a full picture when it comes to understanding what threats they face from cyber attacks. That’s why security leaders need to take lessons from the corporate world and approach cyber security through a new Lean Six Sigma lens says Miles Tappin.
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#2 Building an effective enterprise risk management culture
In this article, Alberto G. Alexander, Ph.D , MBCI, describes a framework to help organizations develop an effective enterprise risk management culture. He also looks at best practices for managing and maintaining a risk culture once it is place.
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#3 The 2022 emerging threat landscape: cyber security
In the first of a series of Continuity Central articles looking ahead to 2022 and the changing threats that organizations may face, cyber security experts from DigiCert make a series of predictions.
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#4 IT disaster recovery: should I stay or should I go?
The cloud brings many advantages to IT disaster recovery says Eamonn O'Neill. Here he highlights five benefits of IT disaster recovery in the cloud compared to on-premises approaches.
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#5 Why cyber security and regulatory compliance are one and the same
Cyber security and regulatory compliance have long been considered two largely separate issues, but the time has come to break them out of their silos and manage them together. This approach brings many advantages says Maciej Dziergwa.
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#6 Emerging technologies: implications for the future of risk management
The digital technologies and systems created today are introducing both far-reaching opportunities and challenges alike for security professionals and business leaders. Stina Connor explores how approaches to risk management and organizational resilience will need to develop alongside.
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#7 The benefits of reputation management transparency: a case study
Nir Kossovsky, Peter Gerken, and Denise Williamee look at why a recent announcement by Apollo Global Management, which gave details of developments in the company’s reputation risk management processes, resulted in a surge in equity value.
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#8 Closing the gap between cyber security and business continuity management
With cyber attacks increasingly aiming to create business disruption, it is important for organizations to ensure that cyber security and business continuity management teams work together says Terry Storrar. Here he outlines the advantages of integration between these two protective disciplines.
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#9 Five tough questions you need to answer about ransomware
Ransomware is a top agenda item for executives and board of directors with organizations across the globe. Jim McGann presents five questions that every organization, whether a global enterprise or a micro-business, needs to have answers to with regards to this threat.
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#10 Cyber security: three reasons why you may be protecting the wrong thing
For too long now, organizations have been focusing on protecting their network, when in fact they should have been protecting their data. Paul German outlines three reasons why this has been the case and why it matters.
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#11 The role of tape storage in 2021 and beyond
Tape is far from being yesterday’s storage technology says Rich Gadomski. As well as a continued role in IT resiliency and business continuity it has an emerging role in protection against ransomware and in managing the needs of the digital enterprise.
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#12 A review of the new ISO 22332 business continuity plans and procedures guidelines standard
Hilary Estall MBCI, IRCA BCMS Lead Auditor is a business continuity practitioner and seasoned management system Lead Auditor. Following the recent publication of ISO/TS 22332:2021 Hilary offers her opinion on its value.
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#13 Tips for creating a cyber security risk assessment
While most organizations have been conducting regular risk assessments in traditional areas for many years, cyber risk assessments are still in their infancy for many. Here Barry O'Donnell offers some tips to ensure that there are no gaps in your cyber risk assessments.
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# 14 How IoT and the use of data can help in the return to the new normal
Nick Sacke discusses how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and the use of data can boost and support industries and the wider economy to unlock more efficient and sustainable production cycles, to help businesses survive in the short term and thrive in the future.
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#15 What happened to UK data privacy compliance?
It might be Brexit ‘no more European rules’ complacency or the all-consuming COVID-19 survival strategies – even a mixture of both – but too many UK companies seem to have forgotten their carefully crafted data privacy strategies says Peter Newton. The risks have not gone away and an urgent reassessment is required…
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#16 Revising your business continuity strategies in response to the rising trend of working anywhere
Lessons learnt from the recent massive shift to remote work mean organizations now need to rethink business continuity from a ‘work from anywhere’ perspective. Scott Miller looks at some considerations…
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#17 Network availability and security: predictions for 2022
Kelly Ahuja, CEO at Versa Networks, looks ahead to 2022 and how organizations will develop the way that ICT networks are managed and provisioned to ensure better availability and security.
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#18 How to develop a highly effective crisis management team
Developing an excellent crisis management plan is only half the battle when it comes to successfully managing an incident. The crisis management team needs to have the have the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to apply it. Jonathan Hemus explains how this is achieved.
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#19 Handling the backup challenge that comes with the remote work explosion
The worldwide move to remote work in the past year has brought business continuity challenges as well as advantages. Backup management is one such challenge and in this article, four technology experts from Commvault answer key questions in this area.
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#20 High availability and disaster recovery: predictions for 2022
As we look ahead to 2022, IT teams will continue to look for innovative ways to ensure that business-critical applications are run efficiently and that they are protected from downtime and data loss. Cassius Rhue, VP, Customer Experience at SIOS Technology, gives his views on how things will develop.
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