Season four of The BCPcast business continuity podcast is now available

Published: Thursday, 27 August 2020 09:13

Databarracks has announced the release of the fourth season of The BCPcast. This season features guests who have managed business continuity and resilience at Experian, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Ealing and Leicestershire Councils, the UK Cabinet Office and COBRA.

Databarracks’ managing director Peter Groucutt commented: “We created The BCPcast because business continuity has a bad reputation for being complex and difficult. Actually, the best practitioners make it simple. The guests this year prove that point, with sensible, practical, advice. We hear about methods and models, but also how to overcome the real-world challenges like getting commitment and making time for testing and exercising. We also hear the stories accumulated over a career in business continuity. This season, major incidents include satellite disruption, flooding, terrorist attacks, the Grenfell Tower fire and the swine flu outbreak. We hear what went wrong, how it was resolved and what the impact was on the organization.”

The interviews for this season took place at the start of 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdowns with practitioners tracking the escalation of the crisis.

Groucutt continued: “We had a theme in mind for this season and that was ‘Out of the shadows and into the spotlight’. Over the last few years we’ve seen cyber attacks, extreme weather, increased regulation and political uncertainty. Business continuity was no-longer a nice-to-have, but critical for all organizations. Now, COVID-19 has thrust business continuity to centre-stage. It is interesting listening to the thoughts and recommendations of the business continuity professionals from a time immediately before the pandemic.  Their advice isn’t specifically about the pandemic, it’s about dealing with all kinds of incidents, and yet it seems incredibly prescient. Now is the time to listen to the experts. In many ways, we’re all rebuilding how our businesses operate. We can take this advice and make those changes to be resilient to whatever disruption comes next.”

Guests for Season 4 of The BCPcast:

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