Geopolitical Risk Report shows that BCM is the main mitigation measure for geopolitical risks

Published: Thursday, 07 November 2019 09:44

PANTA RAY, in collaboration with Commercial Risk, has published its Geopolitical Risk Report 2019. Sponsored by Liberty Specialty Markets, the survey-based report examines which are the most disruptive as well as the most frequent geopolitical incidents experienced by organizations and deals with the most effective risk assessment methods and mitigation measures. The report also provides four case studies.

According to the Geopolitical Risk Report 2019, the most disruptive geopolitical risk incidents are:

73 percent of organizations have no insurance for disruptions caused by political events. Instead risk assessment and mitigation measures are used. Over two-thirds of organizations surveyed for the report (68 percent) use risk and threat assessments to identify geopolitical risks to their organizations and 68 percent of respondents report that their organization’s business continuity management system (68 percent) and risk management plan (51 percent) cover mitigation measures for geopolitical risk.

Download the report (registration required).