BCI launches ‘Organizational Resilience: Perspectives from the Industry’ report

Published: Tuesday, 23 July 2019 09:44

The Business Continuity Institute has published its latest industry report, which looks at attitudes and approaches to organizational resilience. Entitled ‘Organizational Resilience: Perspectives from the Industry’, and supported by Sungard AS, the report is based on survey results and comments provided through detailed interviews with industry practitioners.

The 47-page document is broken down into four main sections:

Writing in the document's foreword, the BCI's Chair, Tim Janes Hon FBCI, says that the debate about what organizational resilience is and how it relates to the various contributing disciplines is 'largely settled' and 'the discussion has now moved on to consider how organizations can best implement organizational resilience'. Mr. Janes says that: "With this in mind, this report forms part of the BCI’s continuing contribution to the development of organizational resilience learning and understanding."

Read the document (registration required).