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BCI’s Head of Thought Leadership gives her thoughts on Adaptive BC

In an article published on May 17th 2019, Rachael Elliott, the BCI’ s Head of Thought Leadership has given her views on Adaptive BC, asking the question: “Adaptive BC: a ‘revolution’ or ‘a useful set of tools and approaches in the right circumstances’?”

Key points from the article include:

  • As a leading global body for business continuity, the BCI’s view is that it is important to be open to new approaches.
  • Business continuity has not been subject to constant change and innovation over the years and the BCI does not see it ‘as our place to shut down or dismiss debate when someone does offer up a new way of looking at something’.
  • If there are learnings to be made from any new thinking that presents itself - and the market subsequently adopts this new perspective as part of the orthodoxy - then this may well find its way into future iterations of The BCI Good Practice Guidelines.
  • Many practitioners are already following the principles of Adaptive BC without being aware they are doing so: organizations already flex their BIAs to suit their own needs, they write plans appropriate to the situation, they regularly use training and exercising to improve competencies and they write short, one-page guides that are appropriate to the situation.
  • Despite the claims made for it by its originators, Adaptive BC is not the disruptive innovation they would claim; nor is it strictly speaking incremental innovation. It is instead a rearranging of the pieces on the board with a few judiciously removed.
  • Even if Adaptive BC isn’t the way for all (and it will certainly take a long time for regulators to come around to it), it certainly demonstrates a thirst amongst practitioners to stay at the forefront of innovation and guarantee we continually strive to ensure the best way of completing our unified end-goal: total organizational resilience.

Note: This article appears to have now been removed from the BCI website.

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