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default Business continuity basics: how to plan and carry out exercises Popular

Business continuity plans and strategies require the involvement of many different members of your organization, but to be effective during a crisis, these individuals need to have practiced their roles. This is where business continuity exercising comes in, as Julie Miranto explains…

default Don’t get hung up on the scenario when planning business continuity exercises Popular

Charlie Maclean Bristol, FBCI, looks at the objectives, format and scenario of business continuity exercises, and explains why scenarios are not the most important factor when planning an exercise.

default Enhancing crisis exercising through understanding the human brain’s architecture Popular

Alejandro Aristizábal Correa explains why an understanding of how the human brain works can help organizations develop better crisis exercising and training.

default How effective are your business continuity and crisis response exercises? Popular

Business continuity and crisis response exercising is a surprisingly weak area in many organizations says Robin Bucknall MA MSc MBCI. Here he looks at why this is the case and how to improve in this area.

default How to beat crisis fatigue and build resilience with microsimulations Popular

How do you get Executive and Operational teams re-engaged in risk preparedness and build resilience after the world has gone through a crisis and everyone is fatigued? Marcus Vaughan says that microsimulations are a helpful approach…

default Planning and managing exercises for business continuity management arrangements Popular

Alberto G. Alexander, PhD, MBCI, presents an overview of different BCM exercise methods and offers a methodology for designing and managing exercises within the context of business continuity management.

default Seven practical tips for successful work area recovery testing Popular

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to successful work area recovery testing. Tracey Linnell highlights seven things that need adding to your preparation checklist.

default Seven tips for successful cyber exercises Popular

Cyber scenarios have become much more common in business continuity exercises, due to the increasing concern about the impacts of information security threats. Dominic Cockram offers some lessons learned from practical experience of running such exercises.

default Ten steps to a great business continuity exercise Popular

The first few exercises I ran were pretty nerve wracking. Would the plans work? Would the team play nicely or start throwing stuff? Would they realise I was new to this? Since then I’ve been fortunate to work with many different groups around the world facilitating exercises, coaching and training new business continuity managers to design and run their own successful exercises. It’s not rocket science but there is a skill to setting up and running a great exercise.

default Tips for improving your approach to business continuity exercises Popular

For many organizations, a business continuity exercise is seen as a necessary evil rather than something that is regularly embraced as way of improving your team’s capabilities. Here, Andy Osborne offers three tips for improving your BC exercising strategy.

default Top tips for improving your business continuity exercises Popular

Could you get more out of your business continuity exercises? Do you have an inner concern that last year’s exercise programme didn’t demonstrate as much as you would have liked, or that there may be alternative ways of delivering the exercise that would be more cost effective and less effort?

default Using a structured exercise programme to verify business continuity strategies Popular

Most organizations understand the requirement to exercise business continuity strategies, but fewer appreciate that a structured programme of different exercise types is a good verification practice. Charlie Maclean Bristol, FBCI, FEPS, explains…

default Why testing and exercising are essential for an effective business continuity programme: BUT what exactly are you testing or exercising? Popular

Lyndon Bird explains what the difference is between testing and exercising and offers some thoughts for improvements.

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