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default A case for the creation of the Core Principles of Business Continuity Popular

In this article Rico Andrew Patron points out that, unlike some other professions, the business continuity profession does not have a set of clearly articulated core principles. He makes the case for the development of the Core Principles of Business Continuity and suggests what these could be.

default A new approach to business continuity... Popular

Mel Gosling explains why he believes that business continuity needs a new way forward, and why the traditional business continuity plan no longer works for today’s organizations.

default Adaptive BC: the business continuity industry’s version of The Emperor’s New Clothes? Popular

Adaptive Business Continuity (Adaptive BC) is an alternative approach to business continuity planning, ‘based on the belief that the practices of traditional BC planning have become increasingly ineffectual’. In this article, Jean Rowe challenges the Adaptive BC approach.

default Adaptive business continuity starts to emerge Popular

In September 2015 business continuity experts David Lindstedt and Mark Armour launched the Continuity 2.0 Manifesto (now termed The Adaptive BC Manifesto); an attempt to take business continuity in a new direction. David Lindstedt provides an update on progress to date and future expectations.

default Adaptive, antifragile, resilient, or just trying to be compliant? Popular

In a wide-ranging article, Geary W. Sikich enters the debate about the future of the risk assessment and the business impact analysis and pulls various threads together to conclude that targeted flexibility is the basis of the art of being prepared.

default BCM measurement: twelve critical BCM success factors Popular

How do you ensure that the time and money spent on business continuity is yielding the desired results? Karen Humphris, senior advisory manager at ContinuitySA, looks at the subject and provides a checklist of 12 critical BCM success factors.

default Business continuity and service level agreements: a perfect marriage? Popular

Whether SLAs are implemented in support of a balanced scorecard to align information and communications technology with business mission achievement, or as a stand-alone initiative, the strategic use of service level agreements can be a perfect solution to the justification of investment in resilience and business continuity.

default Business continuity awareness raising: beating the ‘forgetting curve’ Popular

Most organizations run a periodic business continuity awareness session and most attendees forget the content within hours of leaving the session. In fact, many may have even ‘turned off’ during the session. Steve Dance looks at why this is and what organizations can do to improve in this area.

default Business continuity is broken: three reasons, three paths Popular

David Lindstedt explains why he believes that business continuity is failing and why taking continuity down the resilience path is not the way forward.

default Business continuity management: don’t get out – get better… Popular

Luke Bird reflects on career progression opportunities in business continuity and how the profession could improve in this area.

default Business continuity strategies for power supply load-shedding threats Popular

ContinuitySA provides advice for organizations based in areas where power supplies are unstable.

default Can business continuity management effectively manage cultural diversity? Popular

Business continuity management in large organizations with many different departments and diverse personalities can be a challenge at times.

default Digital legacies: a missing link in many succession plans Popular

Succession planning is vital for organizations of all sizes, but for small and medium sized businesses, it can be the difference between business continuity and business closure. Key to successful succession plans is managing digital legacies, but this is often a neglected area says Joe Siegrist…

default Does ‘scenario based’ continuity planning have a future? Popular

The current approach to business continuity, which generally focusses on ‘what could happen’, has significant limitations says Graham Goodenough. In this article he explains why this is the case; and suggests a better, more positive, method.

default Effective, real-world business continuity management tips Popular

Andy Osborne shares some business continuity advice from the 101 tips included in his new book 'Practical Business Continuity Management 2'. The tips aim to provide useful thoughts for improving all levels of business continuity management systems…

default Effective, real-world business continuity management tips: part two Popular

Following on from his previous Continuity Central article, Andy Osborne shares further business continuity advice from the 101 tips included in his new book 'Practical Business Continuity Management 2'. Here he chooses his favourite three tips from the book...

default Embedding culture into business continuity planning Popular

When culture is discussed within business continuity standards and guidance documents it usually refers to the internal corporate culture. However, in this paper Wallace W. Koenning, Jr. looks at external culture and influencers of this; and discusses ways to consider it within business continuity programs.

default Ensuring business continuity during ERP migration Popular

Enterprise resource planning software is used widely across many sectors but moving from one ERP vendor to another can be a daunted task due to the potential business continuity risks involved. Andres Richter looks at the issue.

default Executing Continuity 2.0 (In three easy steps!) Popular

Mark Armour and David Lindstedt recently proposed Continuity 2.0, a manifesto detailing how current approaches to business continuity planning might evolve. In this article Mark looks at how Continuity 2.0 might be applied in practice.

default Exploring the conceptual foundation of continuity management in the context of societal safety Popular

In a recently published research paper Henrik Hassel and Alexander Cedergren discuss challenges that arise when applying business continuity management in the societal safety area.

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