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default A crisis management plan development checklist… Popular

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Chris Regan presents a six point checklist which provide a great starting point for developing your crisis management thinking and your organization’s plan.

default A review of the new ‘Crisis Management – Building a Strategic Capability’ technical specification Popular

By 1423 downloads

Rick Cudworth and Abigail Worsfold from the Deloitte crisis and resilience team provide a review of the new PD CEN/TS 17091 European technical specification for crisis management, which was launched in December 2018.

default A systematic approach to managing a crisis: the value that technology can bring to the crisis management environment Popular

By 3073 downloads

Ian Ross FBCI examines the benefits of using a software system for incident and crisis management.

default Can the JESIP ‘METHANE’ acronym work for risk and business continuity too? Popular

By 3894 downloads

Over the last three years, JESIP - the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles - have become firmly established in the UK, as a leading enhancement to enable greater cohesion and capabilities, to support the civil protection agenda. Can the business continuity world learn from JESIP? Paul Kudray explores the subject…

default Communication is key during product recall Popular

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Simulated product recalls often show that the technical actions of a recall are carried out well, but frequently teams fall down on communication. This can have big implications: at worst it can lead to a relatively small issue developing into a major crisis. Julia Johnson looks at the issue.

default Crisis communications and the CEO Popular

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While a CEO shouldn’t hide, it may well be appropriate in the early stages of a crisis to field a more junior spokesperson. By Jim Preen.

default Crisis communications: how not to do it… Popular

By 2993 downloads

Matt Hodges-Long looks at the WHSmith ‘data breach’ story and explains how the retailer could have better handled its crisis communications.

default Crisis preparedness and its impact on shareholder value Popular

By 2347 downloads

Robert McAllister looks at the ways that crises can damage the three components of shareholder value and describes the crisis prevention and preparation steps that organizations can take to ensure resiliency.

default Crisis recovery case study: Samsung 18 months on from the explosive S7 Note Popular

By 2402 downloads

In August 2016 the Samsung faced what was possibly the biggest crisis of its corporate history. In this article Robert McAllister looks at the causes of the incident, how Samsung reacted and the lessons that can be learned.

default Culture, psychology and crisis management Popular

By 1780 downloads

Do cultural differences have an influence on reactions to incidents? Charles Boffin uses an example of a significant Internet backbone incident in Australia to explore differing psychological reactions to the same crisis.

default Decision fatigue in crisis management: modern day challenges of multi-tasking incident managers Popular

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‘Decision fatigue’ describes the way that the quality of our individual decisions and our rationale deteriorates as a result of sustained periods of information coming in to us and having to make a number of decisions against any given subject(s). Paul Kudray takes a look at the issue and explains why it is an important consideration during incident management.

default Decision making during crises and how to avoid groupthink Popular

By 1417 downloads

Charlie Maclean-Bristol looks at decision making during incidents, describes the risks of ‘groupthink’, and offers some tools and techniques to prevent it from impacting your team.

default Decision making for business incident management systems Popular

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Following his recent article regarding the METHANE acronym and the UK JESIP model, Paul Kudray looks at whether another of the key JESIP tools, the Joint Decision Model, could also be useful for business resilience.

default Defensible decision making in operational resilience and crisis management Popular

By 165 downloads

Continuity Central recently reported on a decision by the PRA to fine an ex-TSB CIO due to poor decision-making relating to outsourcing contracts which resulted in operational resilience failures. In this article, David Honour explores the role of defensible decision making in helping prevent such incidents in future.

default Five crisis management lessons learned from the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash Popular

By 3119 downloads

Often crisis management case studies focus on what went wrong in badly handled crises. In this article Charlie Maclean-Bristol FBCI takes five lessons from an incident that was well managed.

default Handle with care: how to put your people first in a crisis Popular

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Corporate social responsibility in crisis management is more important than ever. Whether it’s looking after clients or taking the right steps to protect employees, organizations have a legal and moral duty to look after their people when a crisis happens. Dr Liz Royle explores this subject, explaining how organizations can prepare for and respond to a ‘Psychological Critical Incident’.

default Has the crisis communications ‘golden hour’ disappeared? Popular

By 1311 downloads

The rapid growth of social media, fuelled by camera-enabled smart phones, is obvious for all to see, and it has had fundamental impacts on society. But what about its impacts on crisis communications? Victoria Cross suggests that it has resulted in the disappearance of the traditional ‘golden hour’.

default How to develop a highly effective crisis management team Popular

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Developing an excellent crisis management plan is only half the battle when it comes to successfully managing an incident. The crisis management team needs to have the have the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to apply it. Jonathan Hemus explains how this is achieved.

default How to prepare for and manage a fake news attack Popular

By 2684 downloads

Fake news emerged as a major political issue after the US Presidential election; but it is also a potentially damaging new reputational risk. David Honour looks at the issue; considers how organizations could be targeted; and gets the views of two crisis management experts on how organizations can respond.

default How to remain in control of a crisis: however strange the cause Popular

By 1629 downloads

Occasionally a business will be hit by an incident so unusual that it would have been almost impossible to predict. Jen Horsman uses the case of Italian restaurant chain Zizzi, which was impacted by the Salisbury nerve agent attack, to show how preparations can still be made.

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