To BIA or not to BIA... revisited

To BIA or not to BIA... revisitedIn June 2017 Continuity Central published the results of a survey which looked at whether attitudes to the business impact analysis and risk assessment were changing. Two years on, we are repeating the survey to determine whether there has been any development in thinking across the business continuity profession.

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Business continuity risk assessments: is looking at likelihood a waste of time?

Charlie Maclean BristolCharlie Maclean Bristol discusses whether you should consider likelihood when conducting a risk assessment as part of the business continuity process. Do you need to know how likely it is that a threat will become an actuality; or is knowledge of the impact of the threat enough?

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IT resilience is central to a successful digital transformation

Steve BlowSteve Blow explains that while businesses must remain consistently focussed on digital transformation in order to not fall to the back of the pack, digital transformation efforts could be futile if businesses don’t address and improve their IT resilience.

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Digital transformation: why business continuity and data security are key

Don BoxleyDon Boxley looks at some important questions that need to be asked to ensure that business continuity and data security are considered during digital transformation projects.

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