Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for SQL Server

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for SQL ServerThis article by Dave Bermingham provides some practical guidance to help system and database administrators tasked with creating business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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How to use stress testing to increase resilience in a complex and uncertain world

Dr Sandra BelConventional risk management tools are appropriate for managing known or anticipated risks; but threats outside these areas need a different approach. Dr Sandra Bell says that stress testing is one tool that provides the answer...

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Why a global file system should be a core component of your business continuity strategy

Warren ArnoldRecovering unstructured data after an outage can be a significant challenge, but one which can be made significantly easier through the use of a global cloud-based file system. Warren Arnold looks at the issue…

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Trust no-one: a quick guide to the zero trust security model

Jan van VlietFirst developed in 2010, the zero trust security model has recently grown significantly in popularity. Jan van Vliet explains why zero trust security offers several benefits over and above traditional network-based security approaches; and describes the fundamental aspects required for implementing it.

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