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US Department of Health and Human Services awards disaster preparedness grants
The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded more than $916 million to continue improving preparedness for a wide range of public health threats.
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•Date: 10th July 2013 • US

Tips for hospitals adapting to shifting business continuity paradigms
Emerson Network Power shares six tips to help technology-dependent hospitals provide uninterrupted service during extended outages.
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•Date: 20th March 2013 • US

Business continuity in the healthcare sector
BridgeHead survey finds that the majority of hospitals lack robust disaster recovery plans.
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•Date: 29th June 2012 • Region: US

US hospital preparedness: the intersection of HICS, business continuity and IT disaster recovery
How to integrate HICS and IT disaster recovery into a hospital-wide business continuity program. By Jacque Rupert.
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•Date: 30th March 2012 • Region: US

New agreement improves global preparedness for influenza pandemics
After a week of negotiations, an open-ended working-group has successfully agreed upon a framework to enhance response measures to future pandemics.
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•Date: 20th April 2011 • Region: World

Comprehensive guide to hospital emergency preparedness exercises
A Department of Health and Human Services funded initiative led by Weill Cornell Medical College's Dr. Nathaniel Hupert through Cornell University's Institute for Disease and Disaster Preparedness has resulted in the publication of a new guide to hospital emergency preparedness exercises. Electronic versions are available at www.ahrq.gov/prep/hospex.htm
•Date: 22nd Dec 2010 • Region: US


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