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A fork in the road

Continuity Central's 2014 Business Continuity Paper of the Year competition is open to entries and to mark this we are publishing the winning entry from the 2013 competition. This was first published in the Q1 2013 issue of the Business Continuity and Resiliency Journal.

The paper, entitled 'A fork in the road' was submitted by Ken Simpson. Although it was written in 2013 the issues that it raises are still very pertinent to the position the business continuity profession currently finds itself in.


In 2013 we find ourselves at a collective fork in the road, once again considering the path we should collectively take to the future of the discipline. The current choice is between a wider-focused discipline called business continuity, and the 'management systems' highway known as business continuity management.

Moving forward may require embracing multiple alternative paths and destinations. To grow towards a wider focus we need to become a learning discipline. A wider focus on learning means we reflect on what we need to learn and how we facilitate that learning as a holistic discipline.

This paper discusses three ideas that challenge business continuity (management) professionals to think differently about learning, what it means to learn and ways that we can shape future practice.

Read the paper (PDF)

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•Date: 21st November 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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