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The interim results of the Continuity Central business continuity software survey

Continuity Central is currently conducting a wide-ranging survey into business continuity software usage. There has been a good response so far and, with two weeks to go until the survey closes, here is a taste of the trends that are emerging:

Business continuity software usage is not ubiquitous

51 percent of survey respondents use specialist business continuity software to build, review or manage any aspect of their business continuity plan or business continuity management system. 49 percent do not.

Individual software packages are the order of the day

83 percent of respondents who use specialist business continuity software use only one business continuity software package. 17 percent use more than one.

Most users use business continuity software for BIAs and for business continuity plans

The survey asked respondents to identify the different areas within a business continuity management system where they use specialist business continuity software. The results so far show that usage is focussed on BIAs and on business continuity plan writing and updating.

The figures below gives a usage breakdown:

Question: If you use business continuity software in your organization, which of the following do you use it for?

  • Manage and update business continuity plans: 82.61%
  • Write and develop business continuity plans: 80.43%
  • Carry out BIAs: 80.43%
  • Conduct tests and exercises: 63.04%
  • Audit business continuity management systems: 58.70%
  • Conduct risk assessments: 58.70%
  • Manage and co-ordinate your incident / crisis management response: 58.70%
  • Carry our post-incident reviews: 41.30%
  • Raise awareness of business continuity within the wider organization: 32.61%
  • Train business continuity personnel: 30.43%
  • Carry out benchmarking activities: 28.26%

Market analysis

The full survey results, published after the survey closes on 13th June, will provide an analysis of the different business continuity software packages being used by respondents. Overall, most users seem to be reasonably satisfied with their business continuity software: with the highest satisfaction scores being in the areas of 'customer care and support' and 'value for money'. 'Ease of use' is the area where users seem to be the least satisfied.

Take part

To take part in the survey go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/bcsoftware

•Date: 28th May 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: BC software

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