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PCI DSS Version 3.0: new standard but same problems?

New Net Technologies has provided a white paper that examines the implications of the new PCI DSS Version 3.0 for businesses.

The paper suggests that technology can help meet the PCI requirements, and there is an opportunity for businesses to implement highly automated solutions for the bulk of PCI requirements that are neither expensive, nor difficult, to implement and run.

The paper concludes that some of the new requirements of PCI DSS V3 may prove to be challenging to implement and test. Data security has to be a full-time focus, requiring high levels of operational discipline, with checks and balances to ensure security is being maintained. The PCI DSS attempts to convey this, but has always fallen victim to the need to educate, clarify and mandate security best practices.

The paper also lists a number of steps that show organizations how to get ahead with the PCI DSS Version 3.0.

Read the paper (PDF)

•Date: 22nd November 2013 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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